Awesome Vegan Food Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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College is the time to have fun, build new social circles and take the steps towards achieving your future career goals. It’s easy to forget that leaving home for college means you need to take responsibility for paying bills, laundry, cleaning and cooking your own meals.

If you’re a seasoned vegan or you’re transitioning, then you’ll know how hard it can be to eat out. So what choice are you left with? Grab your cooking equipment, take a deep breath and get ready to learn some awesome food hacks. With these hacks for vegan living, you ’ll impress friends and family with your new skills.

The First Steps to Vegan Success


Congratulations on making it to college! Now it’s time to learn. Nobody is born knowing how to cook, we learn from experience. You don’t need to be a master chef to produce some fantastic vegan recipes, use tools to learn.

We live in the era of YouTube and social media platforms. Look around and we guarantee you’ll find guides on how to cook and the basic steps to take. Learn about vegan nutrition to ensure you’re maintaining a balanced diet and use YouTube to watch video tutorials or read the best cookbooks.

Talk to Others

Transitioning to veganism can be a daunting process at first. There’s so much you can’t eat, but you’ll also discover tasty foods you’ve never heard of before. One of the best ways college students can stick to a vegan diet is by communicating with other vegans. Find a group on social media or check out local Meet Up events.

Be Open to New Experiences

Going vegan can change your life. If you have a closed mind, then you won’t enjoy the process and find foods you’ve never tried before. Even seasoned vegans should always be open to new experiences and be willing to try different ingredients or recipes.

Save Money

The biggest issue college students have is their lack of funds. College life is expensive, so if you’re hoping to dine on gourmet recipes regularly then give it up! It will not happen. Fear not though because you can enjoy great vegan food at low prices. Why don’t you get some friends together and form a meal club? Pitch in for meals over a week and each of you can take turns to cook them. It’s a great way to socialize and buying ingredients in bulk means you’ll save money. Another great way to save money is to prepare your own Bento Snack Box.



The Best Vegan Recipes

If you’re looking for some low-cost vegan recipes, then check these out. Whether you want something simple or would prefer to hone your cooking skills, you’ll find something with these options.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Who doesn’t like burritos? They’re easy to make, fun to eat and let’s not forget how tasty they are. You can get a healthy dose of protein and you don’t need to worry about much preparation time. The best thing is, you can add any ingredient you want! Here’s how to make your own:

  • Choose onion, black beans, tomato and an assortment of vegetables
  • Chop them and cut them into strips
  • Heat the vegetables and black rice in a pan until cooked
  • Cook the rice on the hob, or for a quicker result use microwave rice.
  • When they’ve finished cooking put them into your bowl
  • Add salsa, guacamole or salsa
  • Enjoy!

Vegan Stir Fry

Stir Frys are filling, wholesome and packed full of flavour. If you’re looking for a ten-minute recipe, then you can’t go wrong with a simple stir fry:

  • Buy Noodles and a vegan-friendly sauce
  • Choose some vegetables – mini corn and mange tout are best
  • Chop all your vegetables including peppers and onions
  • Add them to a hot pan and cook
  • Add the sauce to the pan and cook for 10 minutes
  • Use straight to wok noodles for a quicker cooking time
  • Add the noodles to your pan and cook for two minutes
  • Serve

Vegan Pizza

Get your junk food fix and make a vegan pizza. It’s great if you’re having friends over or want dinner and breakfast for the next morning! Make a larger pizza and save on cooking for two days:

  • Buy a pizza base from your local grocery store
  • Choose a tomato or barbecue mix for your sauce
  • Pick any vegetables you want
  • Add the sauce and vegetables to the base
  • Top with vegan parmesan cheese (so tasty).
  • Bake for 17-20 minutes at 425 ℉ or until golden brown

Soups and Salads

OK, if you want to show off your kitchen skills then you can make a soup from scratch. However, you’ll find an assortment of fresh soups in every grocery store. Choose from vegetable, pea, and other fantastic recipes. Don’t spend your time in the kitchen, go for the quickest option and enjoy the health benefits.

You can do loads with salads and the health benefits speak for themselves. Use these inspirational recipes to get your 5 a day.


Top Tips

Following a vegan diet has never been easier. Gone are the days where endless meal preparation for was necessary. Here are some hacks that can make life easier and let you enjoy student life.

Ice Cream Dreams

Enjoy a delicious iced treat with frozen bananas. Peel them and keep them ripe then remove when frozen. Blend them until they reach a soft-serve consistency. Give this simple recipe a boost by adding cocoa powder, peanut butter or fruit.

Cook With Avocado

You can find vegan butter in most grocery stores, but avocado is a healthier alternative. You can do so much with the brilliant green fruit, so use it! Substitute vegan butter for avocado when you’re making cakes or pudding.

Get That Egg Taste

Eggs taste great, but as a vegan, you can’t enjoy them. A healthier, animal-friendly way to enjoy eggs is to substitute them with black salt. It tastes great and you can add it to dishes containing tofu. Try it and see how tasty it is!

Make Whipped Cream

Use refrigerated coconut cream to replicate whipped cream. Mix it with vanilla extract and sugar to get a tasty topping for your vegan desserts.

Sweet Like Honey

Leave the bees alone and create your own honey alternative. Take one cup of granulated sugar and combine it with ⅓ cup of water and enjoy the sweet taste and consistency.

 Magical Chickpea Flour

Have you heard of chickpea flour? It’s surprising how many haven’t, but it’s one of the best vegan hacks around. Mix it with beer, water, or seltzer to create a batter. You can use it to make French toast, pancakes and beer-battered onion rings.

Being vegan is a healthy and ethical alternative to meat, fish, and dairy. A plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring. Use the recipes and hacks to create fun and tasty meals. Enjoy the vegan life and don’t be afraid to get creative!