How to Toilet Train Your Puppy

Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences for animal lovers. Watching your furry friend grow, teaching him tricks and sharing plenty of cuddles make owning a pet one of life’s greatest joys. Before you can enjoy life with your new puppy, you have to go through a training process. The most complicated step of dog training is making sure your puppy is toilet trained. at a young age. It’s the first direction your pooch will receive from you and it’s important to make this procedure encouraging and fulfilling. Read on for some tips to help you.

Know The Signs


There are signs when your puppy needs to go to the toilet. It’s vital to recognize these signs so you can act:

  • Fidgeting and seeming agitated
  • Sniffing around the floor
  • When your puppy circles and squats, you’re probably too late!

The First Steps of Toilet Training

It’s important that you select a spot in your garden for your puppy to use. This was you won’t spend hours scooping up poop from your manicured lawn. When your puppy shows signs of needing the bathroom, you should carry him out to your chosen area.

Perhaps the most vital part of successful toilet training is positive reinforcement. Heap plenty of encouragement on your puppy and be enthusiastic while they go to the bathroom. Toilet training a puppy is almost like raising a child. Puppies respond to praise and enthusiasm, so be ready with the “Good Boys” and have plenty of treats on hand.

You should also have a specific phrase for your puppy, so they know where they can go to the toilet. Saying “Go Toilet” once the puppy is in the allocated area will reinforce that they can use it as a bathroom.

Further Tips


During the first months of bonding with your puppy, it’s important to watch them around the house. Being creatures of habit, it’s vital your puppy doesn’t find a spot they like indoors. Never shout, at your pup. Negative re-enforce never works and will threaten the bond you’re building.


At some point, your puppy will be left alone inside the house. Puppies have weak bladders, so it’s important to understand that you may need to deal with some indoor accidents. However, there are ways to keep cleaning to a minimum:


  • Use a puppy pad inside the house. Show the puppy the pad and spend some time teaching them to use the pad. This way, when you’re out the puppy will associate the pad with a toileting area. Make sure the pads not near their bed, and when returning give the puppy lots of praise. If you use a puppy pad, you need to edge it closer to the area you wish them to use regularly.


  • Crate training can prove an invaluable tool if you need to leave your puppy larger amounts of time. Use a small crate and make it a safe and enjoyable place for your pup. By using food treats, it will associate the crate as a positive place. Dogs don’t like to soil their own bedding so by using the crate, you’re likely to avoid accidents.


  • Take your puppy for a short walk before you go out. Use cue words and praise your puppy for toileting. You should train your dog to relieve himself when they’re out, to avoid accidents in the home.


Remember,  training your puppy takes time, dedication and perseverance. By using these methods you ensure that you create a positive bonding experience, for both you and your puppy.  

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Proud Parent? Why Starting Your Own Business is Like Raising a Baby


Starting your own business is an exciting process, but the journey comes with many trials. You start off feeling motivated, plan what you’ll call your business and set up your place of work. The excitement, love, and desire to do the best you can fill you with enthusiasm. Then reality sets in, and you panic. Here’s why starting your own business is like raising a baby.

Restless Nights


Holding your newborn baby in your arms is one of the most emotive experiences in your life. Now, we’re not saying starting a new business could compare, but there are similar emotions involved. The sense of pride in something you’ve created and wondering what the future will hold are things both parents and business owners experience.

For new parents, reality usually sets in at 4 am as they’re trying to calm their screaming baby and taking ten-minute power naps to make it through the day. New business owners also find the early stages difficult. Naming your business and advertising are the fun parts, but what about when you don’t see immediate results?

Sticking it Out

The harsh reality is just because you think your business is incredible, doesn’t mean others will. When a baby cries, there’s a reason. Maybe it needs feeding, changing or isn’t comfortable and your business will show signs of struggle too.

New businesses don’t just attract customers and make money.  Put the work in and stay positive. Advertising is a complex process, but A/B testing can save you time and money. One of the best things you can do is hire the services of an experienced content marketer. New parents find rocking their baby or singing to it encourages sleep and gives them some much-needed rest. Find out what works for your business and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Learning to Walk

Two of the proudest moments for new parents are when their child takes their first steps or says their first words. It shows they are developing correctly and deepens the bond between parent and child. If your business makes it past the development stage, it means you’re doing something right. The company started off small, but you’re gaining clients and moving in a positive direction, right? Unfortunately, not all businesses develop at the rate we desire, but there are things you can do to speed up the process.

Walk Before Running



Some people throw themselves into running their business and end up drowning in a sea of tasks. We all know that building up to things in stages is better than rushing to get to your end goal. However, when it comes business, people often ignore this! Advertise locally first, and focus on achieving your primary goal. Building a small customer base and gaining their loyalty is more important than using every single channel to promote your business. Marketing directs people to your business, but it’s the product or service quality that makes them come back.

Raise Your Voice

Established businesses have their own voice. For example, people know Subway for its healthy sandwich choices and Netflix is popular with young people for “binge-watching” TV shows. If your business doesn’t have a voice, then it’s up to you to create one. Nurture your business and think about what makes it unique. Use content marketing to give your business a voice and become an authority for your visitors.

Growing and Defining

When children start school, they become more independent and form their own opinions about the world. Some parents can’t wait for this stage, but others feel lost and long for the sleepless nights and endless care back. Business owners also experience the same feelings, depending on their mindset. You might enjoy not having to run your business or you could miss all the hard work and constant maintenance. The most important thing to remember is the moment you stop growing, is the moment you fail.

Learning is Forever

Parents still need to teach their children and instill valuable lessons in them. Businesses that get too comfortable are almost certain to fail. One classic example of this is Blockbuster Video. The company was the worlds largest video rental company, but they refused to adapt to the changing wants of consumers. Netflix offered streaming services, and people no longer needed to rent videos in a physical location, which caused the company to go into administration.

In the last decade, we’ve seen tremendous advances in technology, and consumers prefer an online shopping experience. If you want your business to be successful, you need to move with the trends and give your customers what they want.

The Independent Stage

OK, there are many negatives that teenagers bring. These include mood swings, defiance, and laziness. However, we will focus on the positives, particularly one; teenagers can be independent. They can clean up after themselves, be left alone and take responsibility for their actions. This stage of development is a dream for business owners.


When your business reaches the independence stage, it means you can enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. More customers means you can hire people to run your business for you. Richard Branson doesn’t spend his days doing paperwork, does he? This is the time for luxury holidays, spa trips and quality time with your loved ones.


Like any teenager, your business will still need your support and guidance, so don’t neglect it. Think of the final stage as a balancing act between work and life and you’ll be on the right track. Check in with your staff regularly and arrange meetings to ensure the business remains successful.

Highs, Lows, Way to Go!


Just as our children fly the nest, you’ll have to decide whether you want to let your business go one day. Some people build a successful brand and reap the rewards of selling it while others prefer to keep their business. Whichever you choose, remember you deserve to enjoy your success. Being your own boss is a wonderful experience, but it won’t be easy. With time, dedication, perseverance and the right strategy, you can navigate your way through the business development stages and come out victorious.


5 Ways to Fail Epicly at Online Dating

It used to be a shameful secret, but now it’s weird to be single and not online dating. Yes, our perceptions have changed and online dating is one of the best ways to meet someone special. There are sites for all kinds of people, including gay & lesbian dating, senior dating sites, and even niche dating sites. If you like a man in uniform, or you want to find a fellow farmer, there’s a dating service out there for you. is the original online dating service, but today many people turn towards apps. Not only do they make life easier, but they also mean you can date wherever you are. Tinder defined app-based dating, but it can frustrate singles looking for love. Should we decide on a potential mate based on a photo? We’ll cover this topic later on in our dating series, but for now, let’s look at the 5 things you can do to fail at online dating.


1. Rush Your Profile


We completely get it. You’ve signed up to a dating app, filled in your basic information and now you want to chat to the thousands of attractive singles waiting for your message. The online dating world is full of con-artists, bored married people and individuals that upload fake photos. People are wary of online dating, and rightfully so. The Dating Advice website published statistics recently that show the shady characters lurking on dating websites.


Think about it from someone else’s perspective. Are they more likely to respond to someone with an assortment of photos on their profile or just one headshot? If someone is out to deceive others, they won’t have access to plenty of photographs and don’t fill in their profile. You want to portray yourself in the best light and be who you are.


Ladies, there’s no point in shaving fifteen years off your age in the hopes the dream man you’ve met won’t care once they’ve fallen in love with you. Guys, us women know when you’re lying. That impressive story about the time you trekked through the Amazon or hung out with Tom Hardy should stay where it belongs; in your dreams. Just be honest! Don’t make out you have lots of money or you don’t have three teenagers at home because people will find out.


If you’re serious about meeting someone, then let them see who you are and what you’re about. An online dating profile is like applying makeup. We use it to highlight our best features, but nobody wants to go to bed with Angelina Jolie and wake up with Rosie O’Donnell. Be yourself and you’ll meet people who are attracted to you. No games mean real dating experiences and that’s why you clicked on this post.


Try to cut the cliches from your dating profile and don’t come on too strong. Nobody wants to read that you’ll take them on moonlit walks and quote them Wordsworth poems. There are plenty of low-cost services around where you can get your dating profile written by a professional.


2. Send Philosophical Messages


We all know that they “Hey, how are you?” doesn’t go down too well, but some people decide to over-compensate with their messages. Men are the worst for this and send a realm of weird messages that appear desperate. Online dating is about connecting with someone and deciding if they could be a good match for you. Nobody wants to receive a message asking them to decipher the secrets of the universe. You want to come across as mysterious, but believe me, it doesn’t work.


Cheesy chat-up lines don’t work and result in your message being deleted. It’s difficult to send a great first message, but these cringe-worthy first message examples will show you what not to say.


  1. “Hey” – I mean, how hard it is to type at least one sentence?! A simple “Hey” shows you care more about messaging tons of people than taking an interest in an individual.
  2. “You’re beautiful – want to hook up?” – You can guarantee most of the time the answer will be “No”.
  3. “I’m looking for a wonderful man/woman to love. Could it be you?” – Desperation is NOT sexy.
  4. “Hey, can I have your number” – Try to have an interesting conversation first.


There are so many ways to turn people off, so never underestimate the importance of a first message. Read their profile, see if something interests you and talk about it!


3. Chase ‘Em Into Submission


When someone bombards you with messages, it’s a turn off (unless you’ve got psychological issues). Just because they haven’t replied, doesn’t mean you should send them another message. Not only does it make you look desperate, but it also shows you have no life.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so don’t be so available. If they’ve not replied, put your phone away and do something. There are dozens of reasons someone might stop communicating with you. Maybe they met someone else or decided you’re not compatible. They might have things going on in their personal life or feel that it’s not the right time to meet someone. If a person is interested, they’ll be in touch. If not, then move on and find someone who is.


4. Write Like a Teenager


Did you know that intelligence is one of the biggest factors of attraction? Women gravitate towards intelligent men. Not only do they have interesting things to say, but they also understand emotions more. When you’re filling out your dating profile or writing a message, don’t underestimate the importance of grammar. If your message is full of spelling mistakes, the reader won’t take you seriously.


There’s a time for text talk, but don’t take advice from your 14-year-old niece. Use proper English when messaging someone and enjoy having a conversation. No intelligent woman above 25 wants to be called “Bae”.


5. Give Up After Two Weeks


It’s exciting when you sign up for online dating, isn’t it? After filling in the profile and choosing your most flattering photos, you can sit and wait for people to contact you. Anticipation is at its height when you log onto your profile the next day to see who wants to know you more. Then you see the empty inbox and your heart sinks. There are two things you can do; persevere or give up.


To be successful at online dating, you need to accept rejection and even embrace it. Learn from your mistakes and accept that you can’t be everybody’s type. Men often find they don’t get many responses and delete their profiles after two weeks. However, men have to compete to stand out. Women get loads of messages, and sometimes they don’t even read them. Online dating can seem hopeless but persevere and message someone who interests you. You think you can impress that stunning woman with supermodel’s legs? So does everyone else.


Ladies, we understand how frustrating online dating can be. You spot a man that looks like a great catch. After crafting out a witty message, you wait for his response but it never comes. Men will always gravitate towards beautiful women, but there are some out there who will want to get to know you! Give it time and portray yourself in the best possible way. OK, you’re not Angelina Jolie, but is he Brad Pitt?


It’s not rocket science and sometimes the beautiful woman will pick an average man, but let’s get real. If you’re online dating to meet someone, then choose wisely. Read people profiles instead of judging solely on a photo and think about the things you have in common.
Online dating doesn’t have to be difficult, and plenty of relationships are formed through sites like Match, Plenty of Fish and even Tinder. Keep your expectations in check, get a great profile and be open to rejection. The rest will come with experience and time.

Awesome Vegan Food Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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College is the time to have fun, build new social circles and take the steps towards achieving your future career goals. It’s easy to forget that leaving home for college means you need to take responsibility for paying bills, laundry, cleaning and cooking your own meals.

If you’re a seasoned vegan or you’re transitioning, then you’ll know how hard it can be to eat out. So what choice are you left with? Grab your cooking equipment, take a deep breath and get ready to learn some awesome food hacks. With these hacks for vegan living, you ’ll impress friends and family with your new skills.

The First Steps to Vegan Success


Congratulations on making it to college! Now it’s time to learn. Nobody is born knowing how to cook, we learn from experience. You don’t need to be a master chef to produce some fantastic vegan recipes, use tools to learn.

We live in the era of YouTube and social media platforms. Look around and we guarantee you’ll find guides on how to cook and the basic steps to take. Learn about vegan nutrition to ensure you’re maintaining a balanced diet and use YouTube to watch video tutorials or read the best cookbooks.

Talk to Others

Transitioning to veganism can be a daunting process at first. There’s so much you can’t eat, but you’ll also discover tasty foods you’ve never heard of before. One of the best ways college students can stick to a vegan diet is by communicating with other vegans. Find a group on social media or check out local Meet Up events.

Be Open to New Experiences

Going vegan can change your life. If you have a closed mind, then you won’t enjoy the process and find foods you’ve never tried before. Even seasoned vegans should always be open to new experiences and be willing to try different ingredients or recipes.

Save Money

The biggest issue college students have is their lack of funds. College life is expensive, so if you’re hoping to dine on gourmet recipes regularly then give it up! It will not happen. Fear not though because you can enjoy great vegan food at low prices. Why don’t you get some friends together and form a meal club? Pitch in for meals over a week and each of you can take turns to cook them. It’s a great way to socialize and buying ingredients in bulk means you’ll save money. Another great way to save money is to prepare your own Bento Snack Box.



The Best Vegan Recipes

If you’re looking for some low-cost vegan recipes, then check these out. Whether you want something simple or would prefer to hone your cooking skills, you’ll find something with these options.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Who doesn’t like burritos? They’re easy to make, fun to eat and let’s not forget how tasty they are. You can get a healthy dose of protein and you don’t need to worry about much preparation time. The best thing is, you can add any ingredient you want! Here’s how to make your own:

  • Choose onion, black beans, tomato and an assortment of vegetables
  • Chop them and cut them into strips
  • Heat the vegetables and black rice in a pan until cooked
  • Cook the rice on the hob, or for a quicker result use microwave rice.
  • When they’ve finished cooking put them into your bowl
  • Add salsa, guacamole or salsa
  • Enjoy!

Vegan Stir Fry

Stir Frys are filling, wholesome and packed full of flavour. If you’re looking for a ten-minute recipe, then you can’t go wrong with a simple stir fry:

  • Buy Noodles and a vegan-friendly sauce
  • Choose some vegetables – mini corn and mange tout are best
  • Chop all your vegetables including peppers and onions
  • Add them to a hot pan and cook
  • Add the sauce to the pan and cook for 10 minutes
  • Use straight to wok noodles for a quicker cooking time
  • Add the noodles to your pan and cook for two minutes
  • Serve

Vegan Pizza

Get your junk food fix and make a vegan pizza. It’s great if you’re having friends over or want dinner and breakfast for the next morning! Make a larger pizza and save on cooking for two days:

  • Buy a pizza base from your local grocery store
  • Choose a tomato or barbecue mix for your sauce
  • Pick any vegetables you want
  • Add the sauce and vegetables to the base
  • Top with vegan parmesan cheese (so tasty).
  • Bake for 17-20 minutes at 425 ℉ or until golden brown

Soups and Salads

OK, if you want to show off your kitchen skills then you can make a soup from scratch. However, you’ll find an assortment of fresh soups in every grocery store. Choose from vegetable, pea, and other fantastic recipes. Don’t spend your time in the kitchen, go for the quickest option and enjoy the health benefits.

You can do loads with salads and the health benefits speak for themselves. Use these inspirational recipes to get your 5 a day.


Top Tips

Following a vegan diet has never been easier. Gone are the days where endless meal preparation for was necessary. Here are some hacks that can make life easier and let you enjoy student life.

Ice Cream Dreams

Enjoy a delicious iced treat with frozen bananas. Peel them and keep them ripe then remove when frozen. Blend them until they reach a soft-serve consistency. Give this simple recipe a boost by adding cocoa powder, peanut butter or fruit.

Cook With Avocado

You can find vegan butter in most grocery stores, but avocado is a healthier alternative. You can do so much with the brilliant green fruit, so use it! Substitute vegan butter for avocado when you’re making cakes or pudding.

Get That Egg Taste

Eggs taste great, but as a vegan, you can’t enjoy them. A healthier, animal-friendly way to enjoy eggs is to substitute them with black salt. It tastes great and you can add it to dishes containing tofu. Try it and see how tasty it is!

Make Whipped Cream

Use refrigerated coconut cream to replicate whipped cream. Mix it with vanilla extract and sugar to get a tasty topping for your vegan desserts.

Sweet Like Honey

Leave the bees alone and create your own honey alternative. Take one cup of granulated sugar and combine it with ⅓ cup of water and enjoy the sweet taste and consistency.

 Magical Chickpea Flour

Have you heard of chickpea flour? It’s surprising how many haven’t, but it’s one of the best vegan hacks around. Mix it with beer, water, or seltzer to create a batter. You can use it to make French toast, pancakes and beer-battered onion rings.

Being vegan is a healthy and ethical alternative to meat, fish, and dairy. A plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring. Use the recipes and hacks to create fun and tasty meals. Enjoy the vegan life and don’t be afraid to get creative!


Is Stress Making You Sick?

Did you know that stress can directly impact your body? The University of Pittsburgh has completed a study which confirms the validity of psychosomatic illnesses.

The bodies response in stressful situations is influenced by the link between the cerebral cortex and adrenal medulla.

However, the team also found that taking part in relaxing activities can benefit your body and lessen the effects of stress.

Recognizing How Debilitating Stress Can Be


For many years people have regarded psychosomatic illnesses as a falsity, but there are lots of people that notice significant changes in their body when they become stressed.

Stress can trigger many conditions including:

  • Acne – especially in teenagers when they’re due to take exams or suffering at school.
  • Headaches – A study has shown that 60% of working age people suffer from stress-related headaches.
  • Severe Pain – Individuals with stress tend to have more of the cortisol hormone in their body.
  • Colds – A review of 27 studies has found that stress symptoms can cause a cold in some people.
  • Fatigue – Not only can stress cause you to feel more tired, but it also interferes with your sleep cycle.
  • Weight Gain – When we’re stressed, we turn to comfort foods which are usually not good for us! Burgers, fries, chocolate, and chips equal one thing: Extra inches to your waistline.
  • Digestive Disorders – Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic disease which interferes with a sufferers life. Stress makes it a lot worse, but learning about the condition can enable you to reduce the symptoms.

Accepting Stress

So, the next time you’re feeling unwell think about what’s happening in your life and the negative effects it might be having.

There are many products that promote relaxation, but it’s important to recognise the causes of stress.

Accepting that stress might be making you unwell is the first step to your healing journey.

Do you feel people don’t take you seriously when you say stress is causing physical symptoms? What do you find affects you the most? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section.